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      Same day international shipping

      The Papercraft Store offers you worldwide shipping. On working days, your Paperstore Gift Kit orders will be shipped the same day.

      Please make sure that the address you’re using is correct. After ordering, you can check the confirmation email. If you find a mistake, please reach out to us immediately via contact form.

      To view the average delivery times in each country, please reach out to us for clarification. US packages are shipped the same day from our EU facility in Riga (Latvia) and are delivered within 10-11 days on average.  

      FREE international shipping  

      Get a free international shipping on orders over $100. 

      Super-fast shipping with UPS

      If you’d like to receive your gift pack, guaranteed, within 48 hours, then you can opt for shipping with UPS. This option comes with extra costs, depending on the country you are shipping to. In countries where the regular post is less reliable, UPS shipping is highly recommended. Track and trace is also included.